🔷 Singxer SA-1

Anyone tried this amp with a Bifrost 2?!

Yes, I have both and they make a great pairing. The Sa-1 is also an amazing pre-amp if you need it for that.


Awesome - thanks! I currently have an Asgard 3, I was thinking about a balanced class A to upgrade to in the future!

I know this is a late response, but this amp is A/B, not Class A. So, it will be much more manageable, heat wise.

what do you guys think - is the Singxer maybe even “good enough” to pair with my Yggdrasil? And has anyone experience for pairing it with the Focal Clear OG? It like the idea of a slighty warmer sound since the Yggi is already quite dead neutral…

I bought. Guys i really have zero restraint



I bought the SA-1 today and ill make sure to put down my thoughts on it for anyone interested but only relative to my V280 because im not experienced with a lot of different source gear enough to delve too deep into it all, we have m0n for that.

I think the comparison between something entry level to something high end like my V280 will be interesting.

I wanted to downgrade because i don’t really feel like 400usd in import payments was worth the import of a good amp like the V280 and with the SA-1 i shouldn’t need to pay a dime on import as it’s shipping from asia and it’s a whole lot easier to get an ‘‘arrangement’’ with asian vendors.

Because of these factors I’ve decided I’ll keep it to brands like Denafrips and Audio-GD in the future if i want something high end again, i just can’t justify paying 400-600usd just for the import process alone but for those who aren’t bothered by that that’s going to be an easy option regardless

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this may be a silly notion but my only worry is that its going to be so clean that it’s going to weird out somehow with my more noisy R2R designed DAC.

I can only hope for good synergy, not the kind of pairing you would expect either

Denafrips ARES2 into SA-1, the result should be interesting. I feel more and more that either it’s going to go really well or really really bad

The ares ii and the sa-1 is a good match imo, I also wouldn’t call the ares ii noisy

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oh you’ve tried them thats awesome!

Yeah i’m not really good with these things, it’s just my preconceived ideas on R2R design so please forgive me

Any things in particular you thought could be done better or things that was expressed well with this combo mon mon?

It was pretty fun overall, generally warmer smoother leaning with good punch and control, decent space, reasonable resolution, not much I can complain about for the price

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Hi M0N, does the singxer sound similar with the rebelamp in the sound signature and technical perspective? Since they are both class A.

I personally don’t think so, the singxer has much more weight and punch behind it, the singxer also is more warmer smooth relaxed leaning where the rebelamp was a bit cleaner but also at times somewhat peaky almost? To me it came off as a “balanced” and energetic signature with still good body, but I really need to listen to it again. When it comes to technical performance, the singxer feels more controlled and refined where the rebel is a bit looser overall but also a bit more fun, detail wise I think the singxer slightly edges out the rebel. From a stage perspective the rebel feels a bit more expansive but less accurate than the sa-1. Impact and punch wise the sa-1 is higher preforming as well. It’s definitely going to come down to what headphones you have and what you were after

Ah and timbre wise they are both good but not great


i feel like i know what you mean when you say peaky, i kind of felt like that about the 789, did you experience that with the 789 as well or is it just me?

i felt like i would easily get fatigued with the 789

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Absolutely, it was overly harsh and brittle in the treble, and also way to forward. It’s nowhere near that bad on the rebel, just taking in comparison to the singxer which is fairly smooth and inoffensive (although sometimes slightly dulled feeling)

oh man it makes sense now, running the Focal Clear on the 789 made the clears sound broken

by dulled do you mean there is too much “treble edge/treble detail” taken off? not too sure what label to put on that but hopefully i can make myself understood

Dulled or blunted, where things can sometimes sound overly soft or lack attack, you could perhaps consider it lacking edge when it needs to have some


ooooh slam! yeah i understand!
how bad is it? feel comfortable putting a scale on it?

Not exactly slam, it’s more a transient response thing

oh… yeah i have no idea.
Definitely out of my realm of understanding, definitely one of the more technical terms i think