Site background colour (ouch?)

I searched this category and I couldn’t find anything on this.
Am I the only one who feels that a dark background is tiring on the eyes?
After a few seconds I “see” lines everywhere…
Maybe a vote or something on this Z/DMS/whomever?
Like dark grey on light grey?

I have worked with autocad for many years and very quickly changed to light background colours. Far less fatiguing for me and colleagues.

this what “a” guy has to say on this at quora

‘night mode’ is all the rage…there is no white background pumping light into your eyes and helps settle you down for going to bed. on the flip side, it introduces it’s own eye fatigue as not everyone is used to it. I was surprised I adapted as well as I did, but in the end don’t have a huge issue with it.

Why not switch to the white background theme? Click on your avatar pic, upper right, then Preferences->Interface.


ahhhhhhhhhhhhh cheers Maynard! Heck Had I known about that I wouldn’t have clustered the site feedback with my entry!
thanks again

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Bet you’re far from the only one who didn’t know about this option. So not clutter but a valuable public service. ;)


Thanks, that’s kind of you :slight_smile: