Sivga 006 - 2020 Version

I am no longer a fan of the Sivga 006. Let me explain…

I bought a pair when Zeos uploaded his review of them and I instantly fell in love with them. Very clean and clear mids, a very crisp amount of treble, and a good amount of bass that doesn’t muddy the sound. These sounded spectacular to me, and despite their oddly large size, they still sat on my head like a dream. I recently wanted to buy an extra pair so I could hook them up to my current vinyl setup and I was deeply disappointed with what I received in mail.

After a chat with a rep from Sivga, I found out they changed their original drivers and tweaked it so it would have more bass. This turned what was once such a clean and clear sound into a muddy mess in comparison to the original. The mids sounded more recessed to me and less fuller, with the bass creating some muddiness in the lower mid frequencies. Although I do think the highs remained much the same.

As for comfort, the new version both wins and loses. They have decided to make the headphones smaller, which is great because the original version was quite big for most. The pads however have gotten significantly worse. The original pads felt soft, durable, and quite premium for their price mark. These new ones feel cheap and plasticky, and feel horrible on my ears in comparison to the ones my original pair had. The top headband has also lost some of its plushness.

I liked that they made the headphones smaller so it could fit on more heads, but I really don’t like how they have sacrificed the sound and the comfort. I quickly returned the new pair I bought, which is sad because I really enjoyed the original version of these headphones. I most likely will stop recommending these to friends, since I feel like this new version has lost everything I once enjoyed about these cans.

Any one who has heard both iterations of the 006, please feel free to share your experience and/or thoughts. I’d love to hear them.

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