Sivga 006 Pad change?

So just got my Sivga 006, So far love the sound, the packaging pretty much everything aside from comfort, which isnt “bad” but I’m wondering if it could be improved (the clamping force is a bit much but will probably get better as I break them in)

but I’m wondering if anyone has tried a pad change on them?
(also some Dekoni nuggets but well see)

This from a YouTube comment

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Try buying a yoga block (usually about $5) and put them on the block, then leave them for a couple days. Should help with the clamping force, as it’s a method some use on some Sennheiser headphones. If that doesn’t help, you can try Nuggets or see if you can find pads that fit.

I actually fixed it stretching them out over my speaker, did the job perfectly.
The one I might still get Nuggets for is the fact that the headband is really heavy so sometimes the slide off.

Cool Thanks! I’ll give them a try

I added the Dekoni nuggets to mine. Just 2, they help a bit since my head was not large enough for the band to fit comfortably. Now I get 2 funny “dents” in my hair after each listening session, not a bad trade-off.

Dents are the new audiophile helmet hair :smiley: