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This is the official thread for the Sivga Luan

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Open Back 50mm DD 38Ohm Impedance

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Z Reviews…

Well i should have my set later this week (which is kind of insane, ive never had an amazon in under a week, normally its 2-3 weeks even for simple items), ill try to do some persona comparisons
hoping its good though the proprietary pad system is a major annoyance

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So the Luan arrived today, im still in the process of burning them in (dont think they need it but just in case), I stat down to listen for about two hours, using a random shuffle off Tidal, so here are some initial thoughts.

Personally, im a fan :smiley:

Overall the sound seems to be very enjoyable, though it does lack a little bit of energy in certain parts, but it more than makes up for it in a lot of areas - surprisingly it does feels fairly responsive to amplification so your results may vary

  • Soundstage - a good sense of space and overall size of the sound

  • Bass - the bass and mid bass and good, but the sub bass is lacking - you can hear the bass but there is not as much of a “impact” (it did improve quite a bit when using Bass boost on the IFI zen Can)

  • Separation - really good, i found myself being able to make out and isolate various instruments while still having the music feel cohesive

  • Clarity and resolution - solid overall but i feel that this part is pretty amp dependent, switching between amps certainly made a difference IMO, but i think its fine (im not a detail freak, so im not very senstive to that)

  • Treble - clear and controlled, though like the sub bass it lacks a bit of energy in some cases

As far as amplification I switched between three different DAC + Amps:

  • Netural (S.M.S.L SU-9n + A90d)
  • Warm (IFI Zen Dac + Zen Can) - which was my personal favorite
  • Tubish (Topping D10 Balance + Loxji P20)

Comfort is great, the Luan is extremely comfy once you nail the adjustment you can hardly feel it. Love the pad material even in hot weather (right now its 90 and even after 2 hours i didnt feel any discomfort)

Build - feels good in the hand, lightweight but still sturdy, looks good, the build defently feels more than 300$. Personally im a fan of the suspension strap system.

Accessories - The butt case is fine but Sivga needs to up their cable game, its not bad but it takes the overall feel of the headphone down a peg.


I agree on most of the assessment , though i do disagree a couple of things

  • on the mid range not being “full” enough - its relaxed though i do think it does have a enough richness to it.
  • i dont think is suitable mostly for classical, i found it works with a lot of genres, its not perfect for everything but The Luan never under performs
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