Sivga Phoenix vs Tygr 300R?

I am relatively new to the audio world and have caught myself spiraling down the hype rabbit hole. I recently bought the tygr 300 r based on z reviews and dms videos on it. Now after watching the review on the zivga Phoenix I’m wondering if I jumped the gun on the tygrs.
I am looking for a all around headphone for gaming and music. I’ve heard the Phoenix has a smaller Soundstage so maybe I should stick with the tygr 300 r. I also purchased an E30 L30 stack to accommodate what I have.
I would love to hear what peoples thoughts are on this. I know z recommends the Phoenix over the 300 r, but there aren’t too many other people comparing the two and it seemed like DMS wasn’t as sold on them. Please help me out and let me know what you guys think! I still have time to return the tygrs if general consensus is that the Phoenix is better.


as a long time veiwer of z never take his super hype reccomendations right away let you mind dust settle and watch other people’s reviews on it. also remember everyone has different ears and preferences so take that into account for yourself. both are probably without a doubt good headphones. but one might not be good for your ears/use case in particular if you want to game the tygrs are probably better but when it comes to music there is more nuance to that argument and becomes a matter of " what do you in particular like and look for in music". I myself who has gotten previously burned by z’s recc’s know what my incompatibilities are with z know how to decode his long reviews. all I will say is you never really know what’s better for yourself unless you buy or audition both sets of headphones.

Thanks for the quick response! After watching enough of z’s reviews I’ve kinda figured I would have to dig a bit deeper. I may just have to invest in another pair specifically for music later on as I tend to prefer intimate vocals.


since your open to getting anotherr pair in the future anyway you will probably at some point end up with both in your hands anyway so its a matter of which one you get first. basically ended up hapenning with m. I own basically all 3 of the headphones I was considering when I was upgrading my headphones form my old ones.

(warning: I’m no audiophile, these are just my opinions for my use-case!)
I’ve been searching for some nice all-round headphones <300€ that I can drive without a dac/amp and also use for some sweaty FPS games. I’ve tried out a bunch of different headphones over the last month or so including the Beyerdynamic TYGR 300R, Sivga Phoenix, HyperX Cloud Orbit(same as Audeze Mobius without bluetooth & headtracking), Philips Fidelio X2HR & Sennheiser HD599. (also Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless, but they had an unbearable hiss - I returned them so fast that I won’t even mention them further)

My priorities are comfort = sound fatigue > imaging (particularly in games) > general/music enjoyment > everything else.
*In terms of comfort I really don’t like the round earcups of the TYGR and Phoenix. Neither fit comfortably around my ears - either my ears are touching the drivers or they are sitting on my ears. I constantly find myself adjusting them. The most comfortable are definitely the HD599 followed by the X2HR, even though I’m not a big fan of velour.
*For sound fatigue I only had issues with the TYGR and X2HR.
*I was happy enough with all of them in shooters - only the HD599 set itself apart, where in some gameplay clips I was able to hear footsteps that I wasn’t able to hear on any of the other headsets. Also, not a conclusive test because of randomness and other factors involved, but on’s percieve test (CSGO) I was able to consistently score higher while using the HD599 compared to any other headphone.
*In terms of music, the Sivga Phoenix is definitely my favourite here, I don’t know what it is, but it makes nearly every track exciting to listen to. The Cloud Orbit was surprisingly enjoyable too, I’m guessing it’s because of the planar magnetic drivers. HD599 are the easiest listening, and the rest are fine.

Overall I’d rate them as follows:
HD599 > Phoenix > TYGR = Orbit > X2HR
(129€ ----- 265€ ----- 135€ — 220€ – 110€) <-approx. prices I paid/found them for

I don’t think my personal search is over yet, but to answer your question of TYGR v Phoenix, my vote goes to the Phoenix, even at double the price.

Thank for the detailed review! I will add I have had no issues with comfort on the tygrs so im sure that won’t be a issue with the Phoenix either. As far as gaming goes I am very casual so I care more about immersion rather than just footsteps. Also not sure if a dac/amp would put it more on a level playing field with the Phoenix. Does that make the Phoenix sound better as well?

Did you end up making a decision between the two?