SIVGA Robins vs hifiman 400se

Hi looking to add anothe pair of cans at the sub 200 price point and both pf these seem to be getting alot of praise. As it stands all i have is a fiio BTR 5 to drive any headphones but planars seem very alluring just looking for any and all advice!

What do you need

This is like asking ice cream or roasted potatoes.

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Well i guess i’m looking for something with a different sound profile then I have at the moment i’m just getting into this hobby. At the moment i have fidelio 2xhrs . So on one hand the planars sound appealing for tighter bass response and increased clarity and the robins are said to have great clarity and good bass thump so i guess just if anyone has experiences with either how do you like em ?

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Don’t have the 400SE, but do have the Robin.

Robin is… idk, weird. V-Shaped, mids are tinny and weird-sounding.

I am currently writing a review on them, and I can tell you that compared to Dekoni Audio’s Blue, it pretty much is comparing apples and oranges. Blue has a tighter, more controlled bass response, whereas Robin has a really boosted bass response.

Robin: a lot of bass quantity at the sacrifice of quality

Blue: not a lot of quantity, benefits from great quality

I’m yet to do the comparison between the mids and highs. But I can tell you that mid-range is more natural-sounding on the Blue, and the highs are much, much more tame.

Blue is a planar-magnetic, so consider this. Blue needs a lot of juice to run well. I had it at 70% on high gain on iBasso DX300.

I returned the Robins basically instantly. They were peaky and muddy. 400se is picky and I wouldn’t recommend them without a pad swap as they need a little help comfort wise and they respond phenomenally well to pad swaps. Thick wide pads give them a pretty massive stage in width, height, and depth and either suede or leather pads will bring the bass up a bit, which they kinda need but not desperately.

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Thank you for this detailed feedback i will be sure to look into them.

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Thank you for the info very appreciated!

It’s such a bummer though, because SIVGA is a great company with great past products.

It’s very irritating how they are not taking the feedback and are trying to push the narrative that these are great. It really does ruin the image of the company.

Do you need closed-back?
Sivga seems duplicative to me with your current cans.

A good question was asked, what do you want? What do you like/dislike about your current headphones? What do you want to listen to on them, and how do you want to use them?

I’m not sure how a BTR5 runs planars, I’d be trying to ascertain that from owners.

I’m just persuing more clarity i think do i currently have the fidelio2xhrs and open backs are really nice but i did use to have a pair of headphones that i loved now don’t laugh but the hyper X cloud Orbit Has the same planar magnetics as the audeze mobius and i really enjoyed the way they sounded so i wasn’t sure if that’a just how planars sound or if good dynamics would replicate that feel. The problem is those headphones were 300 dollars and had awful build quality literally broke within a year so so that’s a accute as i can say what i’m looking for.


HE400SE easily hangs with 300 dollar headphones. No contest

Clarity? Yeah… Robin ain’t got that.

I’ve never heard the budget headphones from HiFiMan, but would assume they perform well. I have the Deva, and it sounds very nice, though peaky at times.

If you are going the planar-magnetic route, make sure you actually have a powerful enough amplifier to drive them.

HiFiMan is not known for good build-quality…

Sivga Robins, I am intrigued by this set. I am not sure i keep on changing headphones regularly. Earlier this year i had a fantastic Cayin Tube Amplifier with HD600, but now i am again having no HP setup.

Robin is getting good attention, is it worth the price? Shall i consider this when i no longer have any desktop stack to pair with. Only stack for now with me is Cayin N6ii(A02) with NX4.