Sivga SV007 vs Philips SHP9500

I’ve been thinking about headphones in price range of about 150$, I would be happy with both open and closed headphones and I would prefer ones that don’t require AMP or DAC, but if there would be some good headphones you would recommend I’m willing to invest a bit more and buy AMP or DAC.

The two headphones that caught my attention are Sivga SV007 and Philips SHP9500, but as I said, if you have any other recommendation I would gladly check them out.

I’m going to use them mainly for gaming but I will also use them for movies and listening to music. If I decide to go for closed design, I will probably also use them in public from time to time.

I think I’m going to get V-MODA BoomPro with them.

I will also add that I know very little about sound in general, so even after hours of research I still don’t know a lot. Thanks for the help in advance.

Looking at reviews, the SV 007 appears to be the better of the two for gaming.