Sketch or Drawing Thread

If anyone doodles, might be fun to share it.


niiice stuff. do you just do anime or do you doodle other stuff?

I don’t do anything…I can’t even sketch a stick man properly anymore :frowning:

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Oddly enough my style is anime esque purely by accident. I work on children’s cartoons and its affected my art style wrt eye size.

I’m actually more influenced by euro comic artists like Juan gimenez, moebius etc

These are all concept boards from film projects I came up with over the years.


Objection! This is not doodling at all Mr.
Although art is pretty damn nice.
Drawing by myself but I’m pretty much a beginner so all I have been doing lately is drawing anatomy poses.

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Now that a lot of other things that needed doing got done, I decided to put some time into vector art again.
Has a few rough spots and does not look as nice as I wanted.




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Decided to do some Bob Ross style Digital Painting and post it to Twitter


Finished doodle


anyone draw sci-fi stuff? not fantasy…actual sci-fi. whether it’s futuristic or retro / steampunk is fine by me.

I do. But been doing it less than usual lately

please share :smiley:


Damn, these are pretty nice, what kind of a display are you using? I used to do a lot of pencil, pen and ink drawings, but lost interest after high-school, been thinking about getting into oil painting lately.

I’m using a mac pro with a 1440p cinema dispaly and Wacom Intuos Pro Large tablet. All from 2011

I have a load of scraps of me attempting that. I just can’t get it to look right.