Slight Pad OCD but at least i know which is which :D

So a couple of weeks ago i got irradiated that i couldnt find a pad i was looking for (Wanted to try pad roll my Denon 7200), so i sat down and “rectified” the situation :smiley:
amazing what sandwich bags and a label maker can do (only pads that didnt fit were the Edition Xs)

Went a little overboard and also bagged every type of cable i have (the box on the left)


At least you have a prepared excuse and explanation should the drug squad raid your house :wink:

“I swear officer its talc powder, the leather on all the headphone gets sweaty”

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did the same and also used small zip bags for my iem Tips, so now i have to find a use for the other 30 bags :sweat_smile: :wink:

And here i though i was the only mad-man :smiley:
But ive gone label crazy since then organizing the res of my tech

I have my pads bagged and stored in some rubbermaid type containers and my tips sorted into a screw and bolt organizer from the hardware store. You’re far from alone in your madness! I have been looking for a cooler way to organize the pads, but I haven’t really found one yet. C’mon Etsy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: