Small Computer Speakers at 150$

I am looking for small speakers like pic related at around 150$. The klipch one are not very affordable since I need to pay high shipping and taxes. any suggestions? I am looking for something not bigger than this. bonus points if they are bluetooth.
Thank you :slight_smile:

hi Maia…got some questions for you.

  1. where are you located?
  2. what’s your budget?
  3. what is / are your source chain?
  4. what kind of music do you like to listen too?

I am in Israel
wdym source chain? I have a herman kardon amp and I connect it to my pc. right now I have one huge sherwood speaker, I want to replace with something more compact.
I like jazz, classical, hiphop, soul, rock (post-rock), ambient

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hey Maia, can you share what online stores you are willing to buy from?

source chain is the hardware that leads up to your speakers or headphones…so your PC, phone, CD player or turntable…and the DAC, Amp, etc.

another question that comes to mind; where do you want to set the speakers? at your PC, so a nearfield setup, or at your TV, so you need some room filling power (doesn’t mean it has to be big or necessarily expensive).

lastly, is that $150.00 in USD or some other currency?

You may want to check out some of the offerings from Edifier. Definitely within your price range.

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what do you think about Klipsch ProMedia 2.0?

i want to put them on a small shelf that i have above my desk (above my monitors)
yes its 150 usd

the Pro Media speakers were great when they came out…20 years ago…but it’s likely there are better solutions today for the same price. can you get Edifier in Israel?

yes i can with amazon

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do you have any audio / sound stores in the city you live in? if you do and they have a website, put the link to their site and we can take a look and see if they have anything…perhaps you can even demo before purchase. :slight_smile:

anything specific by edifier?

Microlab are solid speakers that shoyuld be cheap and overall solid in our part of the world, if i remember correctly they have a 2.1 (2 small + sub) that are decent enough

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