Small Desk Speaker <$200 USD

I’m looking for a smaller set of speakers to go with my schiit stack (Modi and Magni Heresy).

I would like to try and keep them under $200 USD with width under 5" and high under 5-6".

Primary use would be music, sports/shows, and games.

I have the Edifier R1700BT set, and I doubt you’ll find better speakers for $150.

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wait till iloud micro go on sale


Like @Eric_Rosenfield mentioned Edifier R1700BT’s could be an option. They may be a little big at 6" wide and 10" tall at their highest point. I use a couple sets just for a quick decent sounding desktop solution. One on my game rig, and at secondary listening desk where I rip CD’s mostly.

Here are a couple some shots of those desks to help give a perspective for their size. For scale one desk is 60x27" the other 55x24" and the monitor panels are 32"

On my main listening desk I run some inexpensive Neumi BS5’s for nearfield but they are not powered and I use a inexpensive SA300 for a speaker amp.

This desk is 60x27" the speakers are 7" wide x10.5" tall and I’m using some 5" risers - the panel is a 34"

The iloud Micros are also a great suggestion, though a little out of your budget ATM.
Another option - if you were willing to just run them standalone as their own powered speakers, are the Kantu YU2s - They are closer to your sizing requirements and only $40 over your budget.


+1 for iLoud Micros. On sale or on second-hand market you can get them <$200.


Kanto YU2 are great little speakers. And I recommend a sub with such small speakers to fill in the bottom end.

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I appreciate all the inputs! I could swing 300 but figured there might be some great options, like in headphones under the 200 mark.

The images really helped because my desk is smaller with a side monitor. I could probably make some of these different options work.

I like the look of the Kanto YU2 and Edifier R1700BT’s. Has anyone ever tired or used these Audioengine A2+? I saw these while browsing around looking at all your suggestions.

Yes, I have them. They are okay, really benefit from EQ. I run them from a miniDSP with a pretty aggressive EQ setup. From what I can tell they do nothing to limit low frequency response. And with a small driver that’s death. They “splat” with bass tracks. Not just EDM, but even Christian McBride can distort them.

I recently demoted them to office TV speaker duty after I got a set of iLoud Micro Monitors for my desk. The micro monitors are not perfect, but kick-ass compared to the A2+. And don’t need an EQ to prevent low end distortion.

iLouds definitely

adam t5v open box deals can be found for $300 a pair. as a near field they sound pretty good.