Small desk speakers around 300$

Hello, looking for small speakers that will fit under my monitors.
The problem is i don’t have enough space to buy bigger speakers and maximum height is 19cm like as in the photo. I know its not the best spot to place speakers, but i have to deal with it. Small speakers sounds “tiny” and thats why i also thinking about to add subwoofer under my desk for overall better sound in future.
My budget at the moment is 300$. In the future i can add sub and spend additional 200$ for it.

Based on prices in my country, my options at the moment:

  1. Iloud micro cost: 300$ (heard about some quality issues where speaker just died or there is problem with noise) i know i have a warranty but still its disturbing that something like that can happen. If it possible i can add sub in the future and i think that would be great combo.

  2. Audioengine A1 + Edifier T5 cost: 300$ I like how audioengine looks and i cannot found any problems with them but there is no much reviews and its hard to tell that this combo will satisfy me. Its also cheaper cuz i got speakers + sub with same price like iloud micro.

Any suggestions are welcome

look for some used KEF Eggs…dirt cheap and sound damned fine.


did not watch the whole review but these might be interesting!?


Maybe try to find a good deal on Edifier S350DB/S351DB/S360DB or Swan M50W . I think they might fit your needs pretty nicely.

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S350DB/S351DB/S360DB are higher than 19cm, swan is hard to find in europe

Well my favorite Genelec would have great and perfect sized speakers for that location but they only double the cost.
Still would also be sub capable but that’s even more.

Iloud micros probably would be my choice as well. Size limits much.

The full 5 channel set with sub.
I’ve had this as my surround system for decades and it’s still bloody good and super compact.
These will fit in your limited space.
(These aren’t mine nor do I have any affiliation with the seller: just a quick Google result)

these are just above 300$, go on sale for less couple times a year. they are also 19.05cm tall.


Audio Engine A1 or A2 plus sub sounds amazing, also you can find some used Genelec and if so buy them!

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Vanatoo next to very hard to get in EU.
No retail and only few do shipping (plus tax and import fees) costs more.

ahh, got ya.

i would suggest then anything with a 5" woofer or smaller that you fancy. they are all less then 7.5"s wide. turn your squares in your picture on their sides and your options are many.


you could also try something along these lines. have the receiver off to the side somewhere and speakers turned sideways under monitor.

This would be a no question choice for me. These things on a desk.
Get the B-Stock. They will be fine.


I will also put a vote forward for the Transparent Zeroes, best little speakers I have ever owned (only parted with to gift to a buddy in need of a desktop system, he is still enjoying them to this day).

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Another choice would be the Swan D100’s, but they might not fit in the space you want them to.

(I would still personally go with the Vanatoo T0 for your desk, because space-wise, these are too big.)

Transparent Zero are hard to find in reasonable price in europe :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
Maybe i should wait for discount and get a1 or iloud micro :thinking:

Whatever you get, pick something with an internal amplifier. (Powered monitors) - because having to stack a dedicated speaker amplifier on your desk becomes a pain after everything else too. Unless you have a space carved out for it that works.

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Have you ever heard a1 or a2+ with sub?

I know Sub’s can be great, but from personal experience when trying to pair a sub for anything related to a desk setup, it becomes a major hassle because of space concerns. Where do you put it? Placement matters hugely with a sub, especially the smaller subs you will be looking at for desks - if you put a small sub in a poor location, it will sound bad. And on a desk you only have so many places you can squeeze a sub in. Putting it on the floor unless it’s a monster sub meant for a living room - and smaller subs are almost always - inevitably disappointing.

I personally believe you should aim for a speaker set that doesn’t really need a sub for desk speakers.

Also having to add a sub + a separate amp to your setup digs into your budget with every added piece, and can easily turn your speaker setup into an unmanageable octopus. This is fine if you have a big room to work with, but for a desk setup - it can be painfully frustrating, especially if you have to move much.

It’s always better to get 1 great set of stereo speakers that you can easily add things to later if you want. I suggest putting the entire budget into a good set of powered stereo speakers that blow you away without requiring a sub.

This is why I suggest the Vanatoo T0. It’s small, they are kickass tiny speakers that can operate fine without a sub, and if you want to move them to something else later (like a full size TV setup) you can add a big sub and they will still do a great job. The Swan D100’s are the same way, you could put them in a moderately sized room and they would still work great, they are self powered, which means no octopus, and you can always add a sub later if you want.

I was planning to put the subwoofer under my desk. Also room where i have my desk is like 12m²
So i wonder right now that my room can be too small for it?