Small head support group

I find a lot of headphones don’t really fit and those that do usually only fit at the zero clicks setting. I’m 5’10" I can’t imagine if I had the same proportions and was 5 inches shorter…

My head is small. Admitting is the first step to recovery.

I had the Vokyl Erupts and they would just fall off.
My new Zmf Verite fit with the zero adjustment setting but I have these goofy metal poles that always stick out like I have horns.

Anybody else out there living the struggle?

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The suede head strap make it fit a little tighter.

And I think you told me before but are those silks?

I have a pretty big head, hat-size wise, but I can also fit the ZMFs on the lowest setting oddly enough. Just out of curiosity, I’d ask you to try it 2 notches up to see if it feels any different. My instinct was that it would be looser, but instead it improved the weight distribution for me

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Bending the headband differently (Flater vs v shape) makes a difference too.


Yeah it’s silk n brass

Where can I find that? I’m interested in all things suede. Leather is overrated.

I’ll give it a go.

Changing it any clicks and they sit on the top of my ears. Lol

Bending the headband a bit is a good call though

Contact Zach. When you purchase one you can ask for the suede head strap. Make sure you say strap and not headband because they have those too.

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Leather is nice in some areas. Last longer.

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