Small living room upgrade questions

So Right now I use a pair of MB42x centers in place of a traditional sound bar. I have them powered with a Q5 pro from SMSL that’s is being fed Optical signal out of the TV. So my question now is is it worth upgrading the pair of centers to the RB42c’s? And if it is what should I do with the old ones? I don’t think I could resell them as shipping would be expensive and a pair only costs 70 bucks brand new. The room is rather small so I can’t currently use them for the implementation of a surround sound. Not sure when I’ll have a bigger place for such a purpose.

Yes and add cheap dual subs.

right now I have a single dayton audio 12 inch sub. getting a second would be fun, but space is a bit tight. so I’d rather get a much nicer 12 or a slightly better 15incher

Elac 10 on amazon $100 theyre the most compact of cheap subs. Got dual 10s in my small HT and they sound awesome with RB42C. The smaller 0o0 even, sound hilarious good backed up with a pair of subs.

RIP the 10inch Elecs are sold out. But that’s ok, I cant afford new speakers and sub at the moment. In the future I’ll look more into the sub market

They have been selling out during covid. Few days ago they had stock guess people got their checks. Lol

Havent heard the older MBs but the new line of MTM from micca are goofy good. Have a extra pair of 0o0s sitting on klipsch 600ms hooked them up again set my AVR to direct 2 ch mode -10db :laughing: just hilarious.
Say what you want about chifi, everyone can have decent audio for not alot money.

ant recommendations to angle the drivers up?. Currently my MB42x centers are a little low.

Thats a tough one right now im using the packing foam cube wedged under a RB42c

thinking of buying some of these

stick a couple on the front end of each of the speakers to give them a little lift. there only 1/2 inch tall not sure if that would be enough

Hey yeah, Thanks for reminding me zeos uses these on one of the recent unboxing.
Thanks for the tip! Forgot about those. I’ll use it for traction so the speaker doesnt slide back when angling up. Also for the rest of my bookshelves.