Small no nonsense amp/dac with alot of power

Is there a small combination of a no nonsense amp with alot of power like the SMSL SA 98E with minimum 2 inputs (turntable,pc and cdplayer) and a dac with volume knob (cdplayer and pc) that can adjust the gain that goes from the dac to the amp for something like 200 euros,220 dollars?

I have a good sounding Onkyo TX-8020 but my speakers are 85db so a little more power would be nice (rated at 2x50 watt rms in 8 ohm, i can’t play zeos loud), also i want it in black, i couldn’t get mine in any other colour than silver which doesn’t match the rest of my system.

Mabye only an amp for my pc,cdplayer (has output level) and my turntable (have a seperate phonostage) for no more than 200 euros,220 dollars that can be level matched (only need it to be one channel, 2-3 would be bonus)

With those preferences and those price constraints, I don’t think you will be able to find something exactly what you want. The smsl ad18 is a great all in one, but will be closest to what you would want it seems.

You could get something like a topping pa3 with more power, but it’s just an amp with inputs

I also found Fosi Audio TDA7498E 160W X 2(4 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.04% THD)

Hmm, have never heard of this before. Seems quite powerful for it’s size

yes indeed and it’s a no nonsense amp

Well, just make sure to see if there are any measurements to see when distortion actually sets in

There website

Impressive if it can deliver that kind of power although i have once used a pa amp that for the money had alot of power and was cheap. I wonder how something so small and cheap can deliver so much power and what about sound quality ?

The power brick is probably large, and since it’s class d, it really doesn’t need to be that large to work. I’d question sound quality once you reach above 50 watts, but that’s just me. A common thing cheaper manufacturers do is rate their amps high but don’t provide measurements for when distortion rises. The distortion on a class d amp can spike suddenly and strongly after a certain power limit is passed, causing crippled sound quality. This point can very on different quality of amps, but check before you buy if you can.

PA amps are a great way to get lots of power for cheap, you just sacrifice quantity for quality.