Small passive desk speakers recommendation

I am looking for some recommendations for desktop speakers. I currently use a loxjie a30 but plan to upgrade to a dac- headphone amp- speaker amp set up in future. So I am looking for passive speakers. my current speakers are fluance sx6, and am looking for passive speakers that are comparable in sound but have a smaller size. my budget will be around the 100-150 range and am open to expanding a bit or waiting for sales. I am in US and would prefer stuff on amazon or readily available here. Thanks
If helps I can add current desk set up but its messy at moment adamantly.

sony sscs5

Has anyone tried the Klipsch b100, or rm51? Or the elac 4?

The dimensions look bigger than the sx6 so not exactly what I am looking for but thanks

13.5 x 8.3 x 9.1 inches / 34.3 x 21.1 x 23.1 cm (HxWxD) - SX6
7 1/8" x 13 1/4" x 8 3/4" (W x H x D) - SSCS5
its a tad bit smaller and a pound lighter from actually reading the specs on their dimensions and weight.

the elac bs41 go on sale down to 100 they recently went up on price i would wait maybe for a sale on them. the sonys have great reviews and i personally own them and i love them for nearfield listening. and they are smaller than your current sx6 i dont know how you saw them looking bigger.

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On Amazon the product spec part says 17.9x 10.7x 16.2 inches

LOL thats the size of the box it comes in haha

O i looked at three different spots on the page and even the user tech spec pdf so that’s why I thought they were bigger, since review wise i hear good things so just the size that made me not consider.

do you see the specs on the amazon page?


Can you link that specific page cause i don’t see that any where

bro i own them personally and i also have loxjie a30 and i can guarantee you its not these dimensions 17.9x 10.7x 16.2 inches
no way they are 18in tall nearly 11 wide and has a depth of 16 inches. thats no longer a book shelf speaker my guy thats like a loudspeaker … you can do your own due diligence and look on youtube and see that the size of sonys is a bit bigger than the elac bs 41 and comparable to size to speaker you own. watch videos from cheapaudioman for example

i did i sent you that amazon page with all tha info on it im on pc so maybe were seeing differnt things

Sorry the fluance page was accurate on Amazon and had been for other speakers i bought like the rm 41 so i assumed the Sony one was as well. Since it also had a Sony provided pdf . That comparison page does say it’s 335 inches tall tho lmao. But thanks I’ll look into them

Can’t say on the sound signature side, but you’re already with a relatively small speaker, so going smaller will limit you greatly, specially under $150. Speakers that come to mind are RB42 and Kanto YU4 passive. Don’t know if they sound like the your Fluances’ though.

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O gotcha, I figured some sound differences and maybe some loss in areas such as bass and all. I didnt know they were on smaller size since I had got them after my yu4 passive died on me a while back( like 5ish years). and they were a bit bigger.