Small PC speakers in Europe

Hey all!
I used to have a setup with a couple of Polk S20e bookshelf speakers hooked up to a Marantz PM5005, which I used on my PC, TV and record player, since they were basically all in the same desk, however, I moved to a new place, and now I have that setup dedicated to my living room, though it means I need new speakers for my PC. I’m also a bit limited in desk space, so they have to be as small as possible (around 20x30cm area of space for each), for about €300 ish. Will use them for pretty much everything, from music to YouTube and games. While they won’t be right up against a wall they will be close, so front-ported would be preferable. I did some research, and the main ones that seems to be always recommended are the Vanatoo T0, but I just can’t find them in Europe, so I’ve been looking at other options I can.

So far what I’ve found in this price range:

Harman Kardon SoundSticks
iLoud Micro
Kanto YU4
Kanto YU6 (a bit over budget)
Ruark MR1 MKII (quite over budget)

From these, my favorite by far aesthetic-wise are the Kantos, though I’ve read quite a few recommendations to go for the YU6 instead of the YU4 (which are around €100 more), plus while they are available in the EU, stock seems to be sometimes hard to find. iLouds have a lot of praise but am not a big fan of how they look, though if they end up being the best option I could deal with it. I’d be willing to go for a non-self powered set if I can fit both speakers plus an amp into this budget, but then again, that would also need to be relatively small.

Fluid Audio FX50’s are not too big.

Yamaha HS 5’s are a hair over your size limits, right on budget though.

Adam T7V’s are pushing on size and budget a bit.

How are you going to control the volume?

Actually think I looked into those Adams before but thought they were bigger, but looks like they might fit. Did a quick search on all 3 and they’re all very similarly priced, with the FX50 and the HS5 being basically the same at €150, and the T7V about €185.

As for volume, I’ll control it through Windows. Actually will plug it into a GSX 1000 for the time being if that matters, though I’m looking to likely upgrade that eventually, since I got it for the mic input and don’t need it anymore.

If you’re looking at T7Vs you might as well take a peak at T5Vs, they’re 155€/pc in Thomann and 29x18cm.

Yup! Was actually just watching Zeos review on both, and the T5V does also seem like a good option, specially considering the price and size. I would actually prefer a smaller set, since still have my other larger setup, so I’m fine if the PC one is good enough and doesn’t take a lot of space.

From what demos and graphs I could see, the iLouds seem to go deeper and respond flatter than the Vanatoo T0, so around that size I would definitely get the iLouds. But otherwise, from pure acoustic principles, whenever you can afford a wood enclosure vs. a plastic one, get the wood enclosure; whenever you can afford a larger enclosure, get a larger enclosure.

They really do seem like a great option for the size and budget, it really is just about how they look as I said, which kinda sucks but would still accept it if the other options end up not sounding much better despite bigger sizes.

Something I haven’t mentioned, since I’m not sure how easy it would be to really “quantify” that given the available options and the limits I have, but I’m not looking for flat or accurate speakers, but instead something with good depth and imaging, so would always lean towards a more “fun” speaker than a more accurate one. Doesn’t mean I want a bass monster or anything like that though, specially since I’m not getting a sub.

This is kinda how my list is looking so far, ranked very roughly from most likely to go for to least likely:

  1. Adam T5V/T7V
  2. Kanto YU4/YU6
  3. iLoud Micro Monitors
  4. Yamaha HS 5
  5. Fluid Audio FX50
  6. Mackie MR624

Hi Belkun, am living in Singapore (South East Asia) and I must say I am in the same predicament as you. Vanatoo T0 was seemed to be the closest one to try for(despite being pretty outdated in tech for a 2020 purchase). I must say in the UK your options are definitely better than mine however. Please update with what you choose to go for in the end?

I’m on the same boat as belkun was so i belive i dont need to create a new thread. I’m from Portugal and i have the same budget and have the same goals for pc speakers. good depth and imaging but fun to listen to with some bass (balanced) for games and movies and of course music (alternative rock, grunge)

@belkun what did ou bought and are you happy?

I was looking at some edifiers specialy the 1850db, but then i found zeos videos about monitors for pc speaker, and it put me on hold. the more you know…more difficult is the decision :grin:
what are the best options at this time?

Best regards