Small space, 2000€, already have a sub. What to do?

Hi guys! As the title says, I’m looking to upgrade my speakers. Currently I have Argon Audios Alto A5 active speakers. They are nice, but don’t really give me the liveliness or clarity I am looking for. I have a little crush on the KEF LS50 Wireless, the imaging, soundstage and quality they have are a significant improvement for me. I also like the ease of the actives (the app is supposedly not great, but still good so thats nice).

What I am wondering is what you guys would suggest?

The space is a rectangular 3.7 x 5m

I have a REL t7i as a sub.



Never personally heard KEF speakers but they look nice. For half the price, you can get wired version of the KEFs and then add a separate amp with all the connections you could want and come out way under your budget. That’s a huge price jump to have active speakers imo. If you can make a amp with sub out work, you would have more budget to better speakers too if you wanted to still spend 2000.

What source are you using? There might be other options for connection that would work better for you unless the active speaker / app is a required use case for you.

I have heard both and the LS50W sounds better than the regular LS50, even with a 5000€ amp. The integrated electronics just work perfectly in the wireless imo, so thats why the Wireless is my choice of the two.

Source is mainly streaming through an android TV.


Considering that you’re already set up for powered speakers, I would check out the Adam Audio A7X. I have the T5V and they’re spectacular in terms of clarity and dynamics. The A7X are definitely on my short list of potential upgrades.