SMALL usb c flash drives, and card readers with a usb-c port?

Hello party people,

I recently (and finally) upgraded my phone to something modern. Ordered a 512gb yawn micro-sd card to pop in the bad boy.

I have a 200g micro sd card which was previously being used in my dap, but I think I no longer want to carry the dap around.

boo, hiss

Years ago, I picked up a usb-c flash drive that has a card slot. It works well, it’s a little slow obviously, but I want something smaller. The one I have technically goes on my keychain, but it’s because it has a silicone case of sorts, and when I use it…you take it out of the little keychain case thingie.

I’m hoping to find something smaller. My current keychain flash drive is a corsair voyager vega, which has always served me well. But usb a is so last decade!

I can’t seem to find many usb-c flash drives (much less those that have a card slot) that are small enough to make me want to buy them. They also usually have a reversable usb-a port. Bah! Usb-c all the way!

Also, I’m kinda curious if anyone has seen a card reader that also has a usb-c port near where the memory cards plug in. I’ve been doing the classic card reader affixed to the bottom of my desk with some 3m adhesive tape of course, and I’d like a new one…that also happens to have a usb-c input port. Can’t seem to find one. Am I asking to much?

It seems like the only way I could do something like that for usb-c is to use a usb-c extension cable. But that’s so uncivilized!

here ya go:

It’s interesting, but I’m looking for something that can be securely attached to a keychain and the inclusion of a standard usb connectors is not needed.

there is a lot of no-name Type C keychain readers on Amazon…

Thanks for the reply, but apparently my original post was too verbose.

well, to sum up your original post…you’re looking for a USB Type C memory card reader that can clip to a keychain. is that right?

With a card reader built in, and that does not have a standard usb connector. Seems like most of them have both. (Since most people need both)

like I said, there are a lot of no name optoins on Amazon:

most are a rebranding of the second one…