Smaller XLR Cables

So I’m on that 789 hype train and i was looking to get smaller length xlr cables for stacking the enog2 pro and the 789.

Problem is I only seem to be able to find 3 feet or more of cable wherever i end up looking.
I’m not a huge stickler for cable management, but I’d like not to have an excess of 2 feet of cable.

Any sources for smaller length XLR cables for a DAC/AMP stack?

I’m looking for the same thing :joy:

Schiit PYST cables are 9" I believe and very flexible

Typing “short xlr cable” to google gives like few hundred options from what or where to choose.
Think the third link was Amazon, a 1"/30cm long XLR cable.

or just DIY as long you need for that perfect fit.

Monoprice Premier Series XLR Male to XLR Female - 1.5ft - Black - Gold Plated | 16AWG Copper Wire Conductors [Microphone & Interconnect]

I found some 1ft cables on amazon, this isn’t the only set there either

I found 1’-0" xlr cables at Amazon
$12.00 for pack of 4
They are perfect for the job of connecting stacked components.
Well made product

The 3 pin xlr standard is used to transmit a balanced mono signal. So you would use a 3 pin as a left and a 3 pin as a right. 4 pin cables can carry both channels for a single headphone cable

We have some XLR cables here that are 6" in length, made specifically for stacking components.

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