Smallest and best wireless speakers?

by small, I mean small…as small as possible but still sounding REALLY good at low volume. I’m going to use them at bedtime to help me relax and doze off.

source will be my iPad or iPhone over Bluetooth streaming Spotify.

I want as few wires as possible due to space limitations.


What are you looking to spend? I don’t think it would be to pricey but just want to check.

Personally I think the Vanatoo T0 would be a great speaker for that purpose, at it’s pretty surprising for the quality that comes out of that speaker

well, nothing crazy…but I’m open to spend a little bit if the speakers will provide the presence I want to feel at low volumes.

I recall reading how speakers don’t work so well at low volume / power…so I’m fishing to see what the options are.

I bought my mom a B&O A2 some 5 years ago or so and we’re all quite impressed by how well it performs. granted, I bought it used and got a really good price on it, but understand when you want something niche you’ve got to be ready to pay for it. :face_with_monocle:

any thoughts on the Cambridge Audio Air 100 v2 or 200 v2?

or what’s a small amp with Bluetooth that’s enough to power the Minx Min 12’s? I’m also not against adding a ‘small’ sub if it give me the presence of sub and mid bass I seek at low volumes. :wink:

Never heard it before. Hasn’t really been on my radar. Personally I don’t think it would be as good as a proper 2.0 system, but I don’t know for sure

Two minirig 3 speakers are pretty surprising for their size. They also make the small sub 3

please clarify the brand and model. thx :smiley:

the brand is minirig and the model is the minirig 3

that helps…I did a Google for Mining 3 speakers and it gave me mining firms and speakers at events they were hosting. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit - not sure I want to go with anything that has batteries…charging them would be inconvenient, especially if I mount them in the two upper corners and running them on power just kills the batteries which would ruin resale value, etc etc.

those are cute Ob. are they mountable? I’m thinking of putting something small like that in the two corners on my walls at the head of my bed.

Sonos has also been recommended, but I’m not sure if they are actually any good…or if it’s all hype cause of marketing money.

Honestly I think the sonos stuff is kinda pricey for what it is. Just my opinion, really not impressed by the speakers


that’s my impression as well.

mebe the new Ikea speakers by Sonos…

I agree with MON we demoed both the MR1’s and the Sonos when we were looking for a small audio av solution for our barge…The MR1’s have a much better and balanced sound imho but the Sonos is more versatile av wise so we ended up getting the Sonos Beam
sound bar and two Play ones for the rear.
Just remember the Sonos isn’t Bluetooth it connects via internet and each unit needs its own power source where as the MR1’s are Bluetooth but the speakers need to be connected via a cable.
I don’t think there are any dedicated wall mounts for the Ruarks but plenty of aftermarket ones :+1: