SMOKING weed and listening to music?

TELL me about your experience of getting high and listening to music and what was the best music you had listened to when you was high and for me music sound better when i get high the problem i hate getting and inside room or indoors i like nature when i getting high :expressionless::expressionless:

one time i got so high and the


hard pass :peace_symbol:

Inside way inside, relieves paranoia but i end up scrolling for 2hrs and not listening to anything.

When i do find a track i listen several times in the dark. darker the better watch the music video few more then shut the monitor off and listen in total darkness, end up losing the remote in the process knocking over the bong, weed water everwhere.

Now i do the same as above only bong rips in the bathroom only, wont worry about setting the house on fire. strap a light to my forehead so i can dig for the remote and curl up into ball another 2hrs looking for something on netflix. About 30mins actual listening/watching 4hrs of getting it back together, the herb is potent in modern times.:woozy_face:


What do you like listening to? Any good recs? I like a good animated music video late at night. Usually I go for walks or run errands/work with headphones outdoors after a smoke and I let shuffle do the thinking.

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If you like to trip then this was our bag way back :mushroom: :rainbow::peace_symbol:


So around 21-22 ish years ago…

A buddy from work asked me one day if I’d ever smoked out of a bong filled with snow. I had never heard of such a thing, but it being January at the time, it seemed like a good time to try.

So we head to his place after work, and fill the globe of his bong all the way up the neck with snow, and pour cold water from his fridge over the ice and snow, leaving the globe pretty full, but not stupid full, but it’s a slushie in consistency.

Until then, I had no idea of my lungs capacity to hold smoke. When the thick hits are coming in we’ll below ambient, well, it doesn’t hurt to breathe it in, so, yeah…

We watched the doors twice. I still don’t remember that movie.

A couple of years later, chatting with roommate and friends, the topic turns to Pink Floyd. Not up to try acid, we broke out a little phenol bowl and passed it around until we finally talked our way into putting “the dark side of oz” on. Done properly, on a turntable, the timing and theming coincidences are really really frighteningly pervasive over the entire run time. It’s eerie AF. Doubly so b/c we were well elevated.

These days, I’ve kinda outgrown smoking weed. The experience just doesn’t appeal to me like it once did. I have a gummy edible now and then and it helps me sleep, but I guess I’m just too old to be having that brainless fun I used to like.


thanks for sharing the story with me

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Do not partake with the cheeba