🔷 SMSL M200

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  • USB, Coax, Toslink, BT 5.0 in up to LDAC, XLR & RCA out
  • AK4497EQ, XMOS, 32/768
  • Filters, Remote

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I have mixed feelings about this… Beyond the slant and the blue display, it looks good. However, I feel like the design of this kinda makes it just fit with the SP200

That is the exact target market most likely lol

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True, though the downside is that it really doesnt fit with much if anything else. Aesthetically speaking.

Apparently, even if it’s only one DAC, not dual mono, and not “true balanced”, the M200 doubles the soundstage width.

Not enough for a 3D experience (no added depth), but “2.5D”, as he said. Interesting.

Hey all! I have just taken delivery of the M200 DAC and now have the complete M200/SP200 stack. So, very early days for me having less than 24 hours on the completed stack, but Holy Shit. I think I said that a couple times in the “What did you buy today” thread, but Holy Shit! Coming from the Topping MX-3 this is a HUGE advance. And I feel like it’s going to get even better over time.

The first thing that struck me when I first put it online was how much wider and deeper the sound stage is. Also, the detail that I am able to hear, given how bad my hearing is, is a revelation to me. I can play familiar CDs and it’s like hearing them anew - I can hear things that I have either never heard before or have forgotten about. I feel like now I have a legitimate head phone rig that should last me a good while. I’m extremely happy with this stack.

I was going to link to Sandu’s written review, but @LeDechaine already has the video posted, so I will not. I can only say that I feel Sandu is spot on in his observations as this is exactly what I am experiencing thus far. For the price, this little stack is hard to beat for us audio fans on a budget. Cheers!

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