SMSL M300 vs Topping D70

Hello guys!
I have a cousin who loves to listen to music, and for his birthday i have decided to buy an DAC.
But i cant decide between SMSL M300 and Topping D70.
Which sounds better?

Instead of the m300, perhaps look at the SU-8 v2. It has more features then the m300. The topping d70 is going to be better sounding, but only by margins. Both dacs are great, and just get the one in your price range. Both the SU-8 and D70 are great choices with plenty of features. The D70 is going to have a warmer tilted sound compared to the brighter smsl. Really minute differences though. I would rather take the su-8 and a better amp vs a d70 and not as good amp if that means anything


Thanks for advice!
I the end i have decided to buy him a Sabaj D5 instead.

That’s a great unit with a nice headphone out and great dac. I hope he likes it!

WOW… you are a NICE cousin. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: