SMSL M500 > xDuoo T-20... which volume control?

I’m using an SMSL M500 DAC and sending the balanced output to my xDuoo TA-20 Amp. Both have volume controls.

I have been using the M500 to control the volume with the amp set at almost max volume. Now I’m second guessing myself… should I be using the DAC for volume?

general advice I have heard is keep DAC at max and adjust amp volume.

I couldn’t tell you exactly why but my guess is let the amp do the change in amplification? Maybe the input on the amp is expecting a certain voltage(?) range and you might not be within it all the time if you use the DAC to change volume? IDK

Also, at max, your amp might distort.

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Makes sense, thank you. I was reading a review and it was mentioned that the volume was being adjusted by the amp, which led me to believe I was doing it “wrong.”

Thanks for the education.

No problem, Im sure someone else might be able to give you a definite answer why leaving the volume on the Dac to max and adjust the volume on the amp is the standard procedure.

As you may know, a lot of DAC’s don’t even have volume control!

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