🔶 SMSL SA100

This is the official thread for the SMSL SA100. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • 50wpc
  • Bluetooth
  • Smol

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I think I might be sold on one of these for my desktop speaker setup I’m currently planning, just can’t beat that price and small footprint. Would this be able to power a pair of KEF Q100 adequately?

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The only question I have is can it comfortably power the RB 42? If so ill prob have to send back my 98E.

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Sorry for the late reply, but, based on the specs of the SA-100, I don’t think it’s a good choice for the RB42s. You’re going to want a bit more power. I say this based on the fact that I listened to the RB42s through Micca’s own OriGain A250 amp, which is very similar to this one, and it just couldn’t keep up.