SMSL SH-8 or SP200

I have been looking at both the SH-8 and the SP200 headphone amps. I have the SU-8 as my main dac and have a darkvoice 336se currently but want a solid state amp (don’t want to wait for my tube amp to warm up anymore). I have looked into both and it seems the SP200 is the better option with the THX tech but just seeing if anyone has had experience with both and which would be better. Headphones are Hifiman he4xx and sundara, Sennheiser 58x and fidelio x2.

I would personally take the sp200 over the sh8, the sh8 is alright but not the best imo. Personally I would pick something like an Asgard 3 or archel 2.5 pro over the thx for sound quality, but the sp200 is solid

okay that is interesting thank you. What makes them better over the SP200 (I am mainly using this for editing live shows) so I just need the cleanest sound. I can get the SP200 for £125 which is why I am considering it but would there be a noticeable difference if I got the Asgard 3 or archel 2.5 pro? SP200 comes out cheaper than the other two

How much is the Asgard 3 over there? If you can get the sp200 for that price I would just go for it actually, should preform well.

The A3 or 2.5 pro are more natural in their sound imo compared to the thx. The thx is more analytical leaning and also fairly forward and overly sharpener per se. If you enjoy this then there is no issue, I just think if you wanted a more accurate representation/presentation if sound, something like the archel 2.5 pro or Asgard 3 would be something to consider. But if the a3 or 2.5 pro come out to be more expensive, just go for that sp200

The A3 comes to about £155 and the 2.5 pro is £130 but that before having to pay shipping and import tax (around another £20-30 more) so it works out a lot cheaper for the sp200. I might just go for it and if I don’t enjoy the sound signature sell it and look at the 2.5 or A3

Yeah for that price I would just go for the sp200, I don’t think you will be disappointed lol

Does the A3 have any compression or is that more in the older Schiit amps?

Not anymore, they really made a great amp this time without the typical schiit downsides

Would you say it would be a decent upgrade over the LS? Or only marginally.

I would say significant but a bit different sound, a bit more neutral and clean (with most likely more oomph with the sendys)

Mmmmmmmm ok. And the A3 vs the heresy and Archel 2.5?

The heresy will be more analytical leaning and the 2.5 would be more natural/neutral sounding but with a bit less oomph than the other aforementioned options

Thanx MON.

Just curious, what would be better A3+SU8 or A3+MB option?

Hmm so I think the su8 would be cleaner with more features where the mb would be a bit warmer and more relaxed

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