SMSL SP200 or iFi Zen Can for dt 880 600ohm?

Which one of them drives the 880’s better?

Personally I would prefer the zen can here sound wise, but from a pure headroom perspective the sp200 would offer more volume for quiet tracks. Also with the zen can I would suggest balance modding the 880 to take advantage of the most it can offer, as while single ended is still good, the balanced output drives the 880 much better imo. The zen can is going to be a bit warmer and more forward and full sounding, pretty fun amp, whereas the sp200 is going to be a bit dry and clean sounding, and can get pretty harsh with the 880

Generally though in the same range as the sp200 and zen can, my preference with the 880 600 ohm would be an asgard 3 or a lake people g103s as imo those drive them very well without the need to balance mod (I would say both easily drive the 880 better than the sp200, and would also outperform the zen can imo).

theres literally nothing about the Lake People G103-S on youtube, but it claims 530 mW at 600ohms which is quite insane. id pass on the asgard 3 since its out of stock on schiit’s eu website

It’s a pretty nice amp imo, clean neutral but slight warmth, it’s also pretty spacious too, overall good match with the 880. Lake people tune their power band to prioritize high impedance headphones to it tends to work out

Gotcha yes they are having a shortage or something right now

can the G103-S also handle the fostex t20 or t50 rps?

Imo yes without issue

alright thank you

oh and btw, is there a gain switch on that amp? it says theres +8 and +14 dB but no switch

There are jumpers on the inside of the unit you can switch, but for the most part you prob won’t need to mess with this

thats a bit odd

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It’s more something you set and forget rather than constantly switch back and forth. You really shouldn’t have to mess with it for the headphones you are planning to use imo, although if you plan to run like really sensitive iems along with full size headphones that might be an issue

im just planing on getting this thing for power hungry headphones, no iems or anything

Gotcha then you shouldn’t have any issues with needing to mess with the gain imo

kk, thanks for all

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As owner of both (G103-S & T50RP), yes.

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