SMSL SU-8 + Loxjie P20 or the Xduuo TA-10?

As the title says, which would be better the SMSL SU-8 + Loxjie P20 or the Xduuo TA-10?

Considering i have balanced headphones and no DAC.

Thanks for any help!!

I’m going to say TA-10 because it’s going to have a better amp then the P20 imo

Although if you bumped your budget to around the 500 area, you could get the monolith thx desktop or sabaj d5 for a killer setup

Edit: or the topping dx7s

The THX is not easy to get. I’m in Europe and i assume your talking about the 789. Although the Sabaj is tempting it is a bit more money wise. Not sure i’m ready for that right now. But with the Sabaj you loose the tubes…would you pick it over a tube solution?

The ta-10 is a hybrid tube amp, so tbh the tube isn’t going to make that big of a difference. I would pick it over the ta-10, but the ta-10 is a more then competent solution. I personally am just not a big tube guy

I was talking about this regarding the thx. It’s an AIO solution. But don’t know the availability in Europe

Monolith 124459

I must confess I’m drooling over the sabaj right now…and easily obtainable here in Europe…dammm…

It is a super solid unit. Great power and features for an all in one

The ta10 actually puts out more power though. But I think the d5 is more transparent and has a better dac with more features