SMSL SU-8S (SU-8 Successor)

This was brought up on the ASR Forums. There’s a new version of the SU-8 coming out next year.

Some early info


Interesting, it seems like a nice bump, but I don’t know if it will be enough to get people to upgrade from the older su-8

Looks pretty sexy, although it’s a bit disconcerting about how often new products are being shelled out. I know it’s a saying, but it definitely feels that something will be obsolete as soon as it’s being shipped to you.

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Well that’s pretty common with dacs tbh. Speakers and amps really don’t get outdated quickly, but digital stuff like dacs and daps do imo

My speaker amps are 25 year old Valve Monoblocks.
And my speakers 20 or so.
Neither are still available, if I was looking to buy a turntable, I’d seriously look at a Lynn Sondek LP12 which is even older.
A lot of the digital stuff is just incremental improvements, find something you like and look for a reason to upgrade that isn’t just latest thing.


Yeah, vintage speakers, turntables, amps are all pretty great. Vintage dacs can get pretty iffy, and I would just suggest getting new. Dacs and daps actually move fairly quickly and I would say more significant upgrades then you think for the price range. It’s not that technological breakthroughs are happening every year, its just that the better quality becomes cheaper each year

I’d have to retire from all audiophile forums (Block them on my browser) and block Zeos if I were ever to settle on a setup for good…

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Yes wouldn’t buy a vintage DAC, but then the speakers and amps weren’t vintage when I bought them.

Yeah I was just saying that vintage amps/speakers/turntables are still good options. There are some good vintage dacs, but they are very pricey for what they are and don’t interface with modern setups well

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But will it be offered in black? Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

don’t the Sabre DAC suffer from a treble bump though?

If they aren’t properly implemented, yes. But smsl does a good job of preventing that to an extent

well then, I look forward to seeing reports on this.

on the aside, someone mentioned something about a SMSL M200 and M400. what was that in reference to?

Think I saw the M400 has a matching case/housing design that matches the SP200 with the slanted sides.

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that looks like a combo DAC / Amp…

Oh… you’re right! It does have a headphone jack… Maybe it’s similar to the Topping DX7s.

and reading the thread on ASR, it seems some of the renders are goofed and swapped / mixed.

interesting that they can product a balanced THX amp for $350 but also offer the P1, at more than 2x the price, LoL.

The p1 is a power supply

Wrong P1… there’s a headphone amp that is called P1 too…

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