SMSL SU-9 DAC windows config

Hi there!

I just got this dac and sounds wonderful with my topping A90. But i don’t know if i am getting all the benefits from the usb connection?

While looking at the advance options for the device configuration, i noticed that by default 32 bit 48 khz was selected. I have a lot of flacs that are 24bit 192 khz. Should i change the config to 32 bit 192khz or leave as it is?

Thank you for your help!

No need for 32 bit…

24/192 is the highest I ever go - I do this only because I have a few albums at that bit/sample rate myself, or I would set it to 24/96 tbh.

If you run tidal u can use exclusive mode. The su-9 will automatically play the highest quality FLAC file available on tidal auto adjusting the bit rate and kHz and controlling the volume without windows interfering. When the dac is in full control it sounds better and outputs more volume into whatever amp it’s connected too I’m not sure why that is. I’m assuming it has something to do with windows bottlenecking it somehow.