SMSL SU8 vs2 dac, can i bluetooth to it somehow?

All, looking to run my Ipad using Tidal via bluetooth to this set-up; SMsl su8, emotiva pa-1’s, klipsch speakers. I can do a wired connection via laptop but i was wondering if there is any way to get bluetooth to the dac and use my Ipad instead to stream. Opinions and links much appreciated.

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Z reviewed a couple of Bluetooth to coax and optical out, so you could get one of those devices and stream music to the receiver and it would pass it through spdif to the su8. Can’t think of any specific products atm


I’ve got a little Aukey bluetooth thingy somewhere…i need to go find it and see if that works. I was thinking much more complicated set-up was needed…

Here is one

You just need a Bluetooth adapter with optical or spdif coax out to push to the su-8


this is maybe exactly what I was searching…
LDAC support would be nice add on

Yes. If possible try to find a ldac and aptx hd unit. I did a quick search last night, but I know that there are units out there

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@M0N, thank you for the suggestions. I purchased something called a BluDento, and not the more up-to-date version since i don’t use any HD source material, as far as i can tell. It had a Coaxial output i needed and hooked up in seconds. It is exactly what i wanted. I thinkni am bypassing it’s internal dac and using my smsl dac thru my speakers. Either way it sounds good and i am not stressing this portion of my audio adventure at the moment. I’m sure at some point i’ll read about some gadget i will feel i “must” have to hear something i might be missing… for now tho i’m pretty happy. I don’t have to get my ass off the couch anymore.

Perfect, it’s always nice to simplify a setup