So Buy and Sell?

So is there going to be a buy and sell category on here?

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Work In Progress but it’s definitely something we’re testing


if I may suggest…to avoid fraud, a minimum amount of forum activity be required as well as a photo of the product with a piece of paper having the forum name and days date showing. :slight_smile:


Perhaps public feedback for both seller and buyers as well?


indeed, perhaps integration of a rating system like Heatware?

Also, it would be kind of neat to have a system where if both parties want to keep their trade private with no public record, there should be a choice where if both parties agree and choose an option beforehand, there will be no public indication of the trade. But just in case it could be publicized by an admin if anything bad happened

Edit: saying this because I know someone who hates to buy or trade anything if everyone can see what he got out of it, because he hates having people know about his personal life (I know weird but I can kinda see where he’s coming from in his case)


I would recommend that the B&S thread made should be locked to only the OP so all business is done by PM.