So many dacs - lookin for warmth


Any warm sounding DACs out there? Problem is that I am beginning to realise that I like my old Modi 2 better than my SMSL with my new speakers (Klipch RP600M). The Schiit sounds warmer, but does not support latest DSD formats.

Any cheap (read less than 300 usd) costing, balanced DACs that could be a bit “warm”? :smiley:

The ifi dac implementions are pretty warm sounding. You could get an idsd nano black label


M0N has also shared with me that R2R DAC’s often provide warmth to the sound. it’s a bit more than your $300 budget, but if you can do $350, there is the Airist on Drop.

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Also a great choice, would be what you are looking for

Airist looks interesting, but no balanced sadly. Is that often on drop? I cannot afford atm, but if its worth it I will try to keep eye on it :stuck_out_tongue:

Any cheaper options?

depending on your headphones used, you could also consider a tube amp to add warmth. the LIttle Dot MkII is popular and runs for about $200USD. the DarkVoice on Drop often goes for about $200 as well.