So uhhhhh.... Unlike what April fool's might suggest moondrop is going through with the electrostatic headphone

Hmmm, are they actually estats? Do they come with a driver unit?

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Not sure it started out as a April fool’s joke. But I believe it’s moondrop’s first headphone. And they are good with buds and iems so. They are probably gonna first do the classic Chinese buy some stax and deconstruct it and make it for cheaper

It seems to be a 50mm (ultra) dynamic driver.


That’s cool really like the idea of more chifi headphones hopefully priced affordably

Never heard of moondrop…I can’t do iem’s, being all in my ears and stuff. Makes me wonder if they going with a affordable approach, cause that’s a move we been waiting to see from brands.

Wow its an “ultra” dynamic driver. interesting…

Doubt it moondrop tends to lean closer to the more expensive side in relation to what is considered budget in the specific product category . Their products are generally well regarded though even up to their $800 iems all the way down to the $30 earbuds