So what am I actually hearing, and why?

Music I understand…the tech not so much. Currently stream using a Chromebook (for now) or my LG G5 phone. I use youtube premium music for updates and videos and use Primephonic for cd/hires classical. Using an e30 to Atom to Sundaras, etc. I’m now told the chromebook limits sample to only 48.0 My phone has capability of 192. So…if I play from the yt prem music the dac shows 44.1 for everything. When I play from regular youtube it shows 48,0. But when I play from usb on phone to e30 it shows 192 for Everything…and sounds best. So is the dac reading device capability…and maybe upsampling, or downsampling to that? Or?..Thanks. :thinking:

I’m pretty sure this is just the output sample rate of the devices. Your phone always outputs 192 and your chromebook defaults to 48, but matches the music (44.1) when playing from YT music. If I had to guess why the phone sounds better I would say that perhaps YT music is lossy while Primephonic is lossless.

Edit: also I believe it is the computer/ phone that is doing the up sampling.

So the dac is just reading the device output?

Pretty sure. When I’m watching YouTube or playing games, my topping S10 displays 44.1 (my PC’s default output) but since I have WASAPI set up for foobar2000 it will change to match the sample rate if the song I have playing. Otherwise it would always display the system’s default output.

Thanks…looking more like I need to get a “real” computer so I can get the extra help via foobar, audirvana, etc. Everything seems to be for Windows or Mac. I just need something simple to play videos and Primephonic hires, and would like to add maybe Qobuz (which does not do Linux based such as Chrome.) They say 8G…any suggestions for something not too pricey?

Could either go with a used Dell or HP office machine off ebay or get one of the various mini-PCs (Intel NUC, ASRock mini, etc.)

This here looks to be a damn good deal as it comes with a W10 license. Biggest problem I can see with this particular one is that it has a HDD instead of an SSD.

Thanks for the help. I will look into those ideas. Just need something simple and easy to navigate, with some simple player that will do hires and video streaming.