Soekris 2541 Dac/Amp V's RME ADI-2 FS

Looking ahead…which one would be the preferable option for IEM’s, not bothered about HP DD or Planar synergy etc just as a daily desktop diver for varying impedance IEM collection?
Thanks in advance as any thoughts or opinions would be gratefully received :beers:

PS happy to use an iFi iEmatch if needed :+1:

Bump…anyone who use their IEM’s as their desktop preferred audio option…Hits? = 0 :man_shrugging:

So I haven’t tried the 2541 yet, so I would have to go off the 1541, and tbh, the 1541 easily pulls ahead imo given you don’t mind a more slightly analytical sound to it. Personally I’m not too fond of the adi 2 dac given it’s lackluster performance considering it’s price, it’s features are the main saving grace for it, if you are really into eq or dsp it’s really great, but if not imo I would much rather have the soekris. I will say though that the 1541 is a better dac than it is amp, the amp is a bit dry and lifeless at times, but generally still a slight edge over the amp in the adi 2, but the adi 2 amp has a bit better organicness and tonal density


im thinking of getting a adi-2 fs with the saber chip. should i save up a lil more and get benchmark dac3 instead? or something else