Software Equalizer and Configuration

What kind of software equalizer is ideal for basic equalization for competitive gaming? Any configuration recommendation, or method to do so (since I’m sure this can be objective and differ based on setup)?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Voicemeeter has a basic inbuilt EQ.

Edit: For a parametric EQ, you want Voicemeeter Banana

Be aware that any kind of software is probably not allowed in a tournament setting, so best to get used to that “bare metal”-setting while training.

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No tournaments in my future, just “competitive” online. Thanks, I will give that program a go!

I use PEACE apo can find it there alongside it’s other extension download in the summary of the page. It takes more power to use an equalizer so I hope you have some kind of amp.

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Yes, got the Schiit Hel. That leads to a separate question: should I run low gain with the dial around 2 or 3, or high gain around 10-11? Running the 58x Jubilee phones.

if its plenty loud with low gain then just leave it on low. Too much power can blow a headphone. You only need a little more power(or rather preamp) for equalizing. 58x jubilee is definitely not very demanding

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