Solder Station for Hobbywork

Does anyone know of a good soldering station that has proven itself for the Eu region?
If possible, there should also be exchangeable soldering tips.
I don’t want to have to throw the device away because there are no more tips.

Purpose would be cable soldering, maybe a bit of PCB work like capacitor replacement ect…
Silver soldering friendly would also be good.

It should be possible to regulate the temperature.

If you google soldering stations you get a lot of crap with advertising.
And you don’t know what is really good or bad, even Amazon reviews are mostly unhelpful.
There are also reports of soldering stations costing 150-200$/€ that broke after a short time.

Can anyone recommend something they may have already had in their hands?

I don’t know anything about soldering. However, I enjoy watching Louis Rossmann on YouTube talk about right to repair and watching him or his staff repair MacBooks.

In the description of his videos he lists out all the tools he uses to do their work.

Perhaps his list may be of use for you. Here is an example video. Expand out the description and have a look.

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Okay thanks for the Tip :+1::wink::+1::wink::+1:

Not sure if available in the EU but you should look at Hakko.

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Thank you very much.
I think I’ll take it, it doesn’t look bad, and the entry-level model looks good too. it’s called Fx 888D and would also be available in Europe.
And it seems to be an established manufacturer.

I can recommend the ts100 chinesium solder station that use the hakko T12 tips those can be had for 60 to 80€ and you can get all the tips you want
Otherwise watch sdg electronics on YouTube he did test some different stations from those i also can recommend the knockoff jcb station :wink:
Ps if you want a used ts100 write me a PM cause I did just upgrade mine and if I remember correctly you are from Germany too :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can strongly recommend a PACE ADS200 solderstation. I have used it professionnaly and got one for myself after some years.

For sure it is not the greatest looking station, but it’s very reliable, tips are cheap, temperature control is top notch and the handheld piece is very well design.

Marco reps did a great review if you want to know more:


I have an ERSA RDS80 (150-ish €), good for working with cables/wires, through-hole and down to 2.56mm pitch SMD components. Bellow that pitch size, I’d prefer an ERSA iCon Pico (190€) or JBC CDB or CDS (both >400€).

There is a lot of overpriced stuff from China and there are idiots ruining the tips.

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I have been using Weller for many years, both at work and at home. My current Weller station is about due for renewal but it is around 15 years old.

I can highly recommend this model. I use it all the time

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What for model do you mean?

Either of these would suffice for your requirements if you can find them in the EU. We use both brands at work, various models, and their higher end models. They don’t seem to fail often and i don’t hear complaints.

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