Soldering Stations and Cable mod tools

Anybody have a good soldering station you would recommend for working on a cable mod? I am looking to purchase some equipment for a couple projects: removable cable on a Grado, on the beyer Tygr, and also some cable mods in koss headphones…

Anybody do these kinds of mods recommend any equipment?

they are all pretty much the same. get a variable temp one. also, get a 3rd hand clip arm or 2 to hold things. helps a ton.

Like i said I would recommend one of the cheap T12 knockoff solder stations, like this
A third hand also helps and get some decent solder with flux

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Good pair of tweezers (non-magnetic), snips (cheap ones from Ebay will do), TS-100 or TS-80 soldering iron, flux and a third hand (or small vise).

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I am looking at this station: Soldering Station, Merece Digital Soldering Iron Kit w/ 176℉-896℉ Adjustable Temperature (C/F), Standby & Sleep, Temperature Lock, 5 Solder Tips, Tip Cleaner, Solder Wire, Sucker - Fast Heating Up

If you don’t want to solder to much it’s enough but if you think you’ll want to do it more often a t12 or like maze said a ts80/100 will be better because they heat up quicker and the temperature readout has less tolerances and the tips come in many different styles
And like i said the solder in such sets is often garbage and if you want a nice solder sucker i can recommend the one from the engineer brand
Also helps to look at one or two solder tutorials on you tube so you know what to do
Ah one last tip a 5v USB fan so you don’t get the fumes from soldering in your face :sweat_smile:

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Any recommendations on solder to buy?

led free. your health will thank you.

edit: solder with flux is easy to use. make sure to get flux if your using flux free solder.

edit2: having some flux on the side, even if you get solder with flux, can help. really small solders can use a little extra flux to get a good bond.

Thanks for the tips guys! Here is my revised equipment list… Will also add a non magnetic tweezers and wire stripper/cutter…

ShineNow Soldering Station Kit,Digital Portable Soldering Station Temperature Controlled,With 2 pcs T12 Tips,a Pocket Solder Wire

Aven 17530 Soldering Iron Holder with Brass Coil Tip Cleaner

Magnetic Helping Hands, Third Hand Tool Helping Station with 4 Soldering Helping Arms and Non-Slip Steel Weighted Base SN4AB-B

MAIYUM 63-37 Tin Lead Rosin Core Solder Wire for Electrical Soldering (0.8mm 50g)

SRA Soldering Products Rosin Paste Flux #135 In A 2 oz Jar

make sure your well ventilated when using lead solder.

to consolidate a few of your items into 1 stand if you like.

edit: the magnifying glass is kinda useless and doesn’t have to be installed.

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I will probably solder in the garage with garage door open… Will use a fan to pull fumes
away from my desk

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Leadfree is preferable, else you want good ventilation or a fume extractor. (cue the comments of “I worked in a lead mill for my entire life…”)

Just don’t buy the cheapest and avoid Acid-Core.
Typing “Stannol” or “Felder” into some online shop should bring up useable stuff.


Found this video by Z from 6 years ago… nice demo: Headphone Detachable Cable Mod (Z Review) - YouTube

Here is a cheap way to extract the fumes.

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