SOLID R&B/Soul music?

I’ve never been a R&B or soul music listener but I got really into this!

I’m not sure if this group is really R&B but I’ve been loving them lately. Especially their covers on YouTube.

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Can NEVER go wrong with these

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Oh damn! This is a nice beat with a great voice! Thnx for the recommendation! Totally dig these! Type of stuff i was looking for

Thank you! It was hard to discern what is a cover or not on youtube but i found a song i really dig! THis one

I don’t use spotify so i couldn’t open their spotify lol. Not into streaming.
Thanks for the recommendation i totally will look more into them! And this song is more soul but thats also what i was looking for. R&B/Soul

I am LOVING his voice!

His voice and the raw talent of the instrumentalists are why I enjoy them so much. You can just tell he sang in church growing up.

These are my favorite covers of theirs on YouTube