Solid State Amp (Beta 22) (Part 2/3)

So since I’m almost done with my tube amp and will probably finish it by this week (My school schedule has been Packed to the Brim with Exams, have one Today later and I’m Studying Now, followed by 2 more on Friday and Saturday ;-;), kinda want to move on to Part 2 (Ik Part 2 on the Tube amp Thing meant future improvements, but since I already did those it’s kinda pointless to add them as separate topics) which is essentially a SS counterpart to the Tube Amp.

I’m gonna keep this short especially since I kinda wanna go to sleep and feel a bit sleep deprived after having to do homework all of yesterday and studying atm with no sleep between that time (wanted to take a small break so I decided to write this), I’m going to build the Beta 22, it’ll cost WAY less than the Tube Amp since exotic and super high quality components aren’t as important in this design (Better put, not as many exotic components will be used, Very High Quality Resistors and Capacitors will still be used, just that they’ll mostly be meant for Low Voltages and the Capacitors will mostly be Electrolytic due to the high capacitance, with a few low capacitance and low voltage Film Caps here and there), and the case will be WAY smaller too (May need 2 cases depending on the answers I get to the next part).

All I want atm are some opinions on whether or not I should go for the 3 Board or 4 Board Design. Cost doesn’t matter since I have the dough, so I kinda want some advice essentially boiling down to “Is Balanced 4 Board better than Active Ground 3 Board?”

Kinda want to know, personally I’m leaning towards the 3-Board Design, less stuff, I can make it into a smaller package, and I don’t have to switch from 1/4 inch to XLR every time I want to listen to stuff (Although there are headphone cables that make this much easier to do and I can afford to buy them for all of my headphones). I know the 3 board design has quite a bit of power (Enough to push the HE-6) and already has a similar benefit as Balanced Does due to it’s use of an Active Ground, but still kinda curious to see if Balanced in this case will matter much.

Idk, kinda tired atm, writing this down so I can read it over myself and kinda figure things out for myself as well, so sorry for any incoherent lines (It’s been a bit over a day, maybe 29 hours since I’ve been doing stuff since 12 Midnight Yesterday).


Alright I made up my mind, gonna go all out on the SS and make it the 4-Board Version, I’ll just buy those cables with the interchangeable adapters so It’ll be easier to change from 6.35mm (Quarter Inch) to 4-Pin XLR. Essentially it’ll be 4 Beta 22 Boards and 2 Sigma 22 Boards, each Sigma 22 Board will Power 2 Beta 22 Boards for a Balanced Channel (L-,L+,R-,R+) setup. Also Each Sigma 22 Board will get it’s own Transformer. Still Deciding whether to make a Separate Power Supply from the Amp Portion or keep them in the Same Case, maybe stack both cases one on top of the other?


if you can keep them apart, why not? less possible distortion and heat in the amp portion.