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Z Reviews…

That looks really cool, i guess its very expensive…

I recall seeing them used along with the transformer drivers box used for around 2.3k usd, but I don’t know their new price

interesting, thank you!

Damn… can finally talk about this. Finally published it. To be honest, I’ve been holding onto this article for waaaay too long. @Rikudou_Goku, what do you think about this one :wink: ?
13,450 words long… 27 pages, that is.

I’m very proud of this one. I want to hear what everyone thinks. As always, am open to criticism.

damn, thats a LOT.

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My longest article to date.

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@M0N, would love to hear your thoughts and opinion.

Very interesting discussion around the creator, company, and it’s history, pretty neat, the overall comments and discussion with the creator is very cool. Interesting comments on the comparison with panel speakers, makes me want to try them for sure (also I’m not sure if it’s just me but I’ve never been able to get a sub integrated well enough with any planar or estat speaker well enough to be satisfied or find it worthwhile, it’s always too much of a compromise and sticks out too much from my experience, even the setups with pre integrated subs don’t sound right to me).

The headphone and amp setup look sweet. It’s really tempting to want to try these, but I somewhat left the estat space entirely and sold off all my stats and associated equipment, so I don’t really have anything to drive them with and don’t know if I want to buy another stat amp as well.

Only thing I’d want to know would be more about how the cables actually sounded if you had the ability to test that/have some sort of comparison you could make there. Reason I ask is because you call attention to them and go into depth on the cable makeup, design, and feel, but not really mention any sort of sonic notes. I think even a simple comparison or very brief notes would be plenty there to just not leave the reader waiting for impressions after they’ve been told about everything around them outside of sound

Overall though very well written, it feels more like a short documentary and step by step coverage than a review almost lol

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Hey, this is something I’m striving towards. So, this comment makes me very happy.

You know, it’s very interesting. I can usually do very quick A/B tests with headphone cables, but knowing that I cannot do that with the amp cables, I simply gave up on it. Also, it is a tube amp… Meaning that you have to warm it up and take necessary precautions. I do think that constant turning on/off of it would’ve been unhealthy for the tubes.

The time it takes to disconnect the power cable and the RCA cables is significant. That plus the tube warm-up — too many factors that could impact the sound positively or negatively. When it comes to A/B tests, they must be accurate and stable enough that when I go to sleep I don’t have to think about whether I just rumbled some nonsense that I can’t know for a fact was even accurate.

I’m a very honest and genuine person. I always think about the buyers and their money. Would never want someone to waste their money or take someone’s food from the table knowing that what I said is not accurate or true.

I wouldn’t really worry about quick A/B since imo that’s a fairly flawed methodology to approach that from anyways, if you did extended a/b (potentially blind if possible) that would likely be a better approach to give you a more accurate assessment of performance while avoiding the aforementioned issues imo. But regardless it’s not really the focus of the review and not a big thing to worry about anyways

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All good, great article. Well, I don’t know if this even qualifies as an article at this point! Never-the- less, great work here. Well thought out and very well written. I certainly appreciate what went into creating this content. However, at the end of the day, for me anyway, it’s just another overpriced piece of gear that I will never be able to afford, so, you know…

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This is truly great work here, and a wonderful story! Look forward to more feedback and discussion on these, hope to be able to try them soon!

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Thanks for the kind comments to both of you!

I also hope more people get to try them. If you have any suggestions that I can pass to the manufacturer, let me know.

You know, the worst part is that the newest variations haven’t been shipped out (maybe to a customer or two in Europe, but they haven’t reached US yet). As far as I am aware, only older variations are available in America.

By the way, fun fact: Everything I wrote about in the article I had to dig for. I had to set up all the questions myself in order to get the answers that I could use so I can put together all the pieces of the puzzle. The main reason behind this is because there was virtually zero information about these headphones on the internet.

It was a great challenge, especially considering that I started writing the article when I was only a year or so in the hobby (that is, when I was a year into writing in the hobby). This being said, overcoming this challenge allowed me to grow significantly as a writer… but I wasn’t able to share this article with the world for a while.

My goal is not to overpraise myself in any sort of way. Just am a tiny bit proud of overcoming the challenge and delivering :wink:

I look forward to share more of “The Full Story” series. I enjoy composing such articles, and I think it the readers will also enjoy it.

I would not say you are over praising at all - you should be proud of this work. The thing I enjoyed most is that it tells a great story and provided Wonderful background on the man, which to me is far more interesting than the product itself.

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Hahahaha, hey, that works too.
Thanks for the kind words!

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We look forward to reading more. I love blog style updates like this.

It gives serious personality to brands that would lack it otherwise, and it’s a great way to interact with the community!

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Couldn’t agree more!

I’m scratching my head pretty hard rn…

I brought out the Mezzoforte, the Euridiche, and the Euridiche 3D. I was hoping to do an A/B comparison between the Euridiche and the Euridiche 3D. However, I clearly forgot how open these headphones are and that they are basically speakers.

Where’s the problem? These are e-stats, and I simply do not feel comfortable plugging/unplugging them dozens of times. Every time you unplug an e-stat, there is usually a charge on the plugs (like on the Kaldas Research RR1 Conquest, you have to individually touch each pin until there is no more clicking sound). That’s problem #1. Problem #2 is that by having both headphones plugged in simultaneously and in the same room, the pair that is not on my head will leak sound. This will not allow me to write a reliable A/B test since the sound of the other pair will interfere with the pair that is on my head.

I will have to find a solution, and as I’m writing this out, I’m thinking covering my table with something (maybe hard surface on the sides, while I put a flexible surface on the front). This will allow me to store the other pair below me and block the sound leakage. The flexible part on the front will allow me to reach for it and take it out for the quick A/B comparison.

The other option is to use the stock wooden box, modify it in order to make it possible to close it with the cables sticking out.

Have no clue if I expressed myself well enough or whether anyone can understand the gibberish I just wrote out…