Solution(?) for controlling powered speakers in a surround setup

Hello I’m looking for other solutions for controlling my now and future powered speakers in surround setup.

currently I use the ins/outs of an old Yamaha receiver
My source is my xonar dgx (sound card)

One possible solution but expensive (very expensive probably b/c it’s meant for studios and making music etc)

link below,

CMC7 - Drawmer - monitor controller

My yamaha (RX-V990) has 5 channel option but the sub I’ve use separate control kind of like old pc speaker setups where the sub is a separate control . . The CMC7 would be all in one and up to 7.1 . .

The Drawmer uses a DB25 cable basically cables into one connection like xlr rca or whatever.

Cable DB25 RCA - 8 channel

with 2 of those cables required plus the CMC7 it’s ($$$) way up there.
If anyone has any info on the items I’ve stated please reply.
and …If anyone has a different solution(for surround monitor speaker volume control) please reply.
thank you.

oh and I’d much prefer to keep using my xonar dgx, I use the uni-drivers and xonarswitch, you can set custom profiles with xonarswitch then it’s right click then click again to change the profile…


So basically you would need a volume controller on desk and with low cost?

Just for entertainment purposes i use PREAMP but the speaker system also has digital volume control over network (plus all the options and settings) and can be used with small table remote witch i don’t use.
So basically i can use TV’s remote, or smartphone or just PC to control volume.
Buuuut it’s a $$$$$ solution… so the CMC7 is decent priced i quess?

E: wrong product. Removed

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thanks for your reply, MadGman.

yeah basically I’m looking for something that would do the same job as the CMC7 but lower cost.

Also I Think I forgot to say I Need to have a normal volume control, …I think Not digital?, my Yamaha receiver has (I Think) some mechanical / physical moving part for the volume control… I Think it’s sort of like a string and when you turn the volume it moves part on it inside the receiver(RX-V990). Basically what i Mean is I need it to be instant control, Not taking forever to change the volume level. The CMC7 would provide this.
… I had a newer yamaha which I Think had digital volume control, it’s so slow.

I Think the CMC7 is perfect but expensive but it’s also expensive b/c of what it’s meant for I Think: pro audio.

If there was a lesser version for 6 channel; 5.1 I’d likely just get that.

I even looked around at PC 5.1 speakers, to see if there’s some separate volume controller one could purchase. no luck. most of them come with it attached or just not a separate thing, or only designed for that specific one. not sure…

There are many options but most if not all are in the" Pro Audio" region and none are low cost.
I’m curios though… what are the real options in low cost gear.

Wonder could this work?

On amazon like 34$ so it’s more like toilet paper money or atleast next to nothing in the audio world of surround sound.

For this specific device it could, only one thing though I read somewhere that in order for the surround sound to work over S/PDIF / OPTICAL (from a sound card or onboard whatever-optical) it would need to send “Dolby Digital Live or DTS Connect” some sound cards have it. I Don’t think the ASUS XONAR DGX does, besides that i like the larger receiver type volume knobs not that tiny one. but that’s just me being particular, or maybe just preference…

For most who don’t want to spend much or barely any for this type of thing it would be a solution(as long as they have the right sound card)…

Thanks though! :slight_smile: