Solution to Crackling Audio


I recently got SHP9500 after looking for an upgrade from my old headphones that died. However with these headphones I noticed crackling and popping occasionally that I didn’t before. After some testing I came to the conclusion that the AUX ports on my computer suck (problem doesn’t occur on my phone when listening to the same file).

So my question is, to get rid of the crackling and popping from my computer would buying an AMP stop that or would I need to get both a DAC and an AMP to stop it.

Thank you.

I would try updating or reinstalling your sound drivers first. I was having some crackling issues recently too from my motherboard’s onboard audio. Just installing the Realtek driver rather than using the Windows driver - even though the Realtek driver was older - fixed the problem.

If the crackling comes from the analog audio out, amplifying the signal won’t fix the problem. An easy solution would be, as you suggested, buying a DAC/amp. Some have them combined in one unit (I recommend the FiiO e10k on a budget).

If you want to troubleshoot on your own before buying something to fix the problem, try drivers (@WaveTheory) or try using the other AUX out (most PCs have a front and rear headphone out).

Thank you @WaveTheory and reinstalling the drivers did solve the cracking problem. I had no idea that drivers could be the problem!

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Now, let us know when you’re ready to get an amp and dac just for fun :wink: