Solution to impossible situation. (6' Ceilings)

The only space I have available for a designated listening room is in my basement which has 6 foot ceilings. the dimensions are 13’x13’x6’ with three of the walls being concrete foundation.

I felt confident in my decision to start with a pair of Bower Wilkins 603 s2 Anniversary speakers and Denon AVR-X4700H. I’m thinking of using a Topping DX7 Pro ES9038Pro Dac from my computer to the AV receiver to play my Amazon Music HD and an Apple TV 4k into my AV receiver for movies. Now I’ve completely change gears.

The more research I have done, the more I feel like there is no good solution for 6 foot ceilings. I would like to find a high quality 5.1 system and I’m open to any ideas even if it is a 2.1 system that will sound cleaner. I’m trying to narrow down what type of speakers will perform best given the situation and knowing how bad of an impact 6 foot ceilings have on sound waves, I see that the B&W floor standing speakers are overkill. So I am wondering how Bose In-Wall Virtually Invisible 691 would do or If I need to find something even smaller.

I’d appreciate any insight on the matter.

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IMHO you need a good quality dsp room correction.
Take a look at the Lyngdorf range of integrated amps as they have a very good inbuilt easy to use dsp…not cheap but I’ve been using and older model for years as i had similar room issues and it proved to be a real game changer.


Acoustical treatment but doing that will lose more precious height. My suggestion would be buy a test mic and measurement software. I follow audioholics youtube they do videocasts on room acoustics.

You got a ton of gear and some DSP to work with already. Maybe play with the room before buying more.

envisioning single seat listening?

Try positioning the center ch over the TV if possible or if its going to be a single seater room, go center ch delete.

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6ft ceilings…that sounds like a big crawl space! who makes something with a 6ft ceiling?

also, welcome to HFG, Scott! :smiley:

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The room is really for my wife and I to enjoy music, and some movies. We’re okay arranging the seating for the best experience. Great insight thought thank you!

This is very helpful, Thank you

Is the ceiling and wall unfinished, if not i assume the joists are 2x6 and the studs 2x4. Treat the ceiling and wall hope the 1 wood wall isnt the entry to the room.

Word is if you want to get dynamics back in a smaller space surround is the way to go.