[Solved] Passive Speakers for Desk Use

Let’s say I had arround 250€ (Germany) for a pair of desk/nearfield speakers.

Placement wise, there is a good half meter behind the speakers before Wall/shelfs.

They will mainly* get their feed from my BasX A-100.

After some looking arround, I found the Dali Spektor 2 (250€ pair) and the Emotiva Airmotiv B1+ (260€ pair).

Thoughts and suggestions?

*Mainly fed by...

I have my BasX A-100 and Sharp XL-HF102 feed the speakers of the sharp system via a switch box. The Sharp mainly works as an alarm clock. It is running 6 Ohm speakers.

Why not active?

I have a power strip with 2x 6 outlets under my desk. Of that is 1 free. I would like to keep that free for my soldering station, Bench-PSU or big USB-PSU.

That BasX A-100 will easily power anything on a desk. I love mine with everything I’ve used on it. The B1+ is a great choice from what I’ve heard. I currently own the Infinity R152 and they are great, but before that I had the Polk S15’s and they did an excellent job as desk speakers, especially with EDM music. They have very good low end when used nearfield.

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Doesn’t look like the Infinity R152 are available in Germany, the Polk S15’s are. Time to read some more reviews :smiley:

I don’t have a ton of experience with speakers, but I’m loving my KEF Q100. Several reviewers recommend it strongly for nearfield. I got it for £130 used, though they seem to be hard to come by. They’re front ported too, so space behind the speakers likely isn’t as much of an issue. They are quite large (deep), though.


Would blow the budget a lot, but Triangle LN01 (aka Elara) for 180€ a piece?

You could also try looking for something used to better maximize your money’s value, maybe there is a hi-fi shop in a city near you that sells used vintage gear. You are very handy and could always upgrade the crossovers with some fresh caps if you feel that would give you maximum value? Just a suggestion to e you to the highest tier possible for your $$. :+1:


Nearest city with some hi-fi shops is 200km away (I live in the capital city of nowhere).

I could probably do that, yes. Will look for some used options.


I love my B1s for my small apartment. With the ribbon tweeter they stage very well. I’ll admit I’ve never really used them near field as I’ve always been about 2m away from them.

Emotiva Airmotive B1’s are now in use. I like them so far (less than 3 hours of use)