[SOLVED] Sony proprietary port/ Speaker hookup help?

This may come off as a complete noobcringe post but I would really appreciate some help from you guys.

I have a few Sony speakers I want to hook up to a surround reciever, but I’m not sure what these wierd plugs are- take a look

I’m not sure if these are some proprietary connector, or if they go to a specific type of device. I just want to know if any of you can drop some specifications on me, or know how i might get these hooked into this:


By means of an adapter, or some other method. Thanks for reading.

The wires coming off one speaker or both, take some shots of the back of the speakers. If theyre passive you could take the clips off and connect them to the reciever. See if theres an ohm rating on the back of the speaker.

I’ve never seen them before, but it looks like the speakers came from some sort of all in one system.

If the speakers are 4 or 8 ohm you could just cut those adaptors off and use the connectors on your current receiver.

At your own risk and holding me harmless, of course.

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Seems like Sony has used that kinda of adapter at some point.

So removing the connectors and just hook the bare wires to new receiver.
But no idea witch one is + and - cables. Maybe battery check the polarity of speaker and as it mentioned the impedance load would be nice to know from speakers.

“If they’re passive” Still not sure what you mean by this exactly, I’m not an audio nerd. but I really should’ve provided more info/specs on the speakers myself anyway, to be fair. I may also mention that the speakers I picked up here are collectively a 5-piece set (including the subwoofer) and if I remember right, I think they were plugged into a blu-ray player. Also, the “SUR” label refers to the “surround” or “rear” speakers, as there are “FRONT” labeled speakers that come with it- but they are EXACTLY the same in terms of model number, serial number, and impedance. As you can see, just one connector per speaker.
Here’s the pics:

And here’s the center speaker:

So one’s 3 ohm, and the center is 6 ohm. According to this information, does this mean that can in fact NOT get this working under the conditions as @Andrew_Davis posted? (" If the speakers are 4 or 8 ohm…") Is there anything i can do? Should I try the method @MadGman posted anyway?
Thanks for the fast support, guys.

Ok theyre passive (non-powered). Your reciever impedance is 8-16 ohm. Do not hook them up to your reciever.

@Flaculence Would a reciever of a lower impedance do the trick? Do you know the what the sweet-spot impedance range for my speakers would be?

[EDIT] Or maybe this other Kenwood reciever will do the trick? Lower impedance switch on the corner.

Range below 8ohm.

@Flaculence thanks

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there you go, the 2nd reciever should do the trick. :+1:

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Leave the impedance selector switch on 8ohms learned it from gene on audioholics.