Some audio advice on connecting TV/PC/AV receiver together

I’m a bit of an audio tech newbie but here is my problem

First, here are my components/cables/connections.
Surround sound system (7.2, consisting of RP klipsh speakers/center channel, svs sub ect) connected to
DENON AVR-S950H. (Purchased denon because of Zeos recommendations on denon)


PC: gaming PC with an Asus Rampage edition 10 mb(optical out on the integrated sound card and an ati graphics card)
Cables include several hdmi cables and several optical cables.

What I’m trying to do is connect the pc to tv to use as a monitor using my video card hdmi out and get the audio to my receiver ( video card also supports audio pass through) so that I may get HI def surround sound( dts, HD-DTS, DTS HD Master Audio ect ect)
The TV doesn’t support Earc but supports ARC on a limited capacity (refer to this page for specs

I have tried many different configurations and cannot seem to get it working. The best I was able to achieve was connecting the tv to receiver using an optical out cable, however this method does not get me atmos and the HD dts only Dolby digital and DTS
I have attempted to draw a diagram on what it is I’m trying to do

| pc |video card|----hdmi out| ---------video------|tv |
----------- ----audio— | receiver |------7.2 speakers system|

Any suggestions would greatly help

Thank you for taking the time

So if you have arc on the tv, have you tried connecting the pc to the tv, and then the tv arc to the receiver? Would that not work?

I have tried this method as well, however for this particular tv not all audio outputs are supported using ARC , only basic 5.1 and dts ( no HD DTS, DTS:X , DTS-HD MA or Dolby Atmos via ARC ) which is why I wanted to get audio from my pc to the receiver

@M0N thank you for the prompt reply

So you can’t just connect the pc to the receiver, and then the receiver to the tv? Your receiver should pass through the video. You would connect the pc to an hdmi input on the receiver, and then connect the receiver to the tv from the hdmi out port.

Edit: Sorry this is what I meant on the previous post, It should have been “have you tried connecting the pc to the receiver, and then the tv arc to the receiver”

@mon thanks

I will try that and see it it works

Just plug all devices (sources) to AVR (denon). TV to amps ARC and everything works.
If video&audio is intended to use from source, use HDMI cables.

I have 4 different devices hooked to AVR with HDMI and TV with ARC. Everything just works.
PC can also be used HDMI or just stream audio/videos over network. Since TV also knows to send audio to surround speakers.